On a dark stage, juggler Ed Stephen sits holding 3 glowing juggling clubs. He is a man with a short dark beard and is wearing a white boilersuit and a small crown. In front of him is a teddy bear and some presents.

Nearly There Yet

Residency Dates: Mon 9 - Fri 13 Jan 2023

Nearly There Yet will be working on Pockets, a new show in development for audiences aged 3 - 7 exploring the idea of pockets, what we use them for and how we deal with taking things out of our private space and into the public arena. The show aims to be an interactive show for non-theatre spaces combining elements of participatory workshop and performance to create a new world for the audience to explore. During the residency they hope to develop content for the show through a combination of family circus workshops and technical, skill-based research in the space. 

Nearly There Yet aims to connect with audiences through an ordinary approach to extraordinary worlds of circus and performance and has been creating work for all ages since 2013. As a company it has a firm commitment to bringing the arts to new audiences and finding ways to connect, build relationships and tell stories in new places. This project is being led by Ed Stephen who is a juggler and dancer who has worked with NTY since its establishment as both a performer and workshop facilitator with a specialism in working with young people.  

Find Nearly There Yet and Ed online:
Nearly There Yet - Instagram: @nearlythereyet
Ed Stephen - Instagram: @edspoons