MINE: Maiko Yamamoto and Hokuto sit on a table with laptops. They are wearing head mics and smiling. The screen behind them shows a pixelated rainy landscape.

MINE reviewed by Seb

The theatre production MINE is a few stories told through Minecraft, which all have a common theme about a mother leaving their child.

One thing I found interesting is the three screens which showed different perspectives of different people, for example on the far-right screen there might have been the 'bad guy', then in the middle screen, there might have been the main character and on the far-left might have been the hero.

Another thing that was good is that the actors interacted with the audience in a ‘fishing scene’. The music was a big part too, the pitch and tempo really expressed the mood and emotion. There were also two Minecraft blocks lighting up when something exciting or scary was about to happen which made it even better.

There could be a little more acting I thought, but other than that I thought it was really good. The age rating I think is 8 - 150 and I’d recommend the show to anyone interested in Minecraft, gaming and movies. Out of 5 I think I would rate the show 4.5.