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Luke Brown Dance reflect on their residency

| Mon 20 Feb 2017

Luke Brown Dance recently joined us for their Creation Space R&D residency focusing on dance, hypnotherapy and exploring what happens when you let the subconscious take the lead. We caught up with Luke Brown to find out how his ideas for The Little Red Balloon developed during his time here.

Which particular elements of the project did you focus on during your residency?

This week at artsdepot was the first time all the collaborators where in the same creative space. Therefore the R&D’s main focus was to try and discover a language, both physical and audio, that resonated amongst us all. It was a seedbed for first ideas however big, small, ridiculous or concrete. A blank canvas that we could all colour in without the pressures of an outcome. One of the driving forces of the week, which ended up being the current that we all jumped into was what movement qualities could be achieved whilst in a place of total relaxation, that’s right total relaxation. A way of moving that I had not previously considered.

Were there any surprises? Did you make any new discoveries about the project?

Throughout the week there were numerous surprises, some large and some very subtle. I originally entered this project with a glimpse of an idea that it would be a duet, however after this week I discovered that actually it has grown into something more collaborative. I am really interested in playfulness whilst in a creative space and that exactly what we did, we played, laughed and listened.  

The week organically evolved and connected movement, vocal, audio and drawing, bringing these art forms into one safe place. What is most interesting is this process was never discussed it happened subconsciously.

Did you bring in any collaborators?

I collaborated with a fantastic team of artists and I feel extremely privileged to have shared this experience with them under the nurturing support of artsdepot. I worked with two exceptional dance artists Ripp Greatbatch and Paul Davies alongside hypnotherapist Zack Polanski and composer Nicholas Orlando Hewitt. I also asked artist Felicity Cormack to join us in the studio who ended up being an integral part of the process. I also offered a placement to Simone O’Toole who joined us all the way from Holland. Simone is currently in her 3rd year at Fontys Dansacademie.

Did this residency enable you to do anything that you wouldn’t have otherwise been able to do?

This residency allowed me and the company to have an open space where ideas could flourish and blossom. I had the opportunity to bring together numerous artists from different disciplines and share knowledge, learn and participate in new and exciting ways of making. This residency gave me the opportunity and the support to be able to work with a composer to investigate an original score. 
What are your next steps for this project?

The next steps for the project is to keep the momentum going. The week was extremely charged with positivity and I will be looking into securing some more studio time to dig deeper into the idea. After this week we all discovered that we need to invite the public in at regular intervals to try out ideas and scenarios, therefore I need to look into finding supporters, organisations and funders to help make this project fly. 

What else are you working on at the moment?

I am currently in the process of booking a 2018 tour of my current double bill For You I Long the Longest. I will be choreographing a piece of work for the dance students at The University of Winchester and DanceEast CAT Scheme.

I would like to thank artsdepot for the support and opportunity in contributing to the growth of Little Red Balloon. The company and I have had a wonderful time with you making amazing memories and new friends. A fantastic model for truly helping artists reach their ideas and succeed them.

Photographer Michelle Rose took some beautiful images during a sharing at the end of Luke Brown Dance's R&D

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