Light the Fuse and Scribbled Thought begin their R&D Residency

| Mon 21 Nov 2016

As Light the Fuse and Scribbled Thought begin their two week Creation Space R&D residency, we caught up with them to find out a bit more about what they'll be working on during their time with us.

Can you tell us about Light the Fuse and Scribbled Thought?

Light The Fuse Theatre Company was created by directors Gemma Fairlie and Neil Bettles with the aim to produce dynamic visual and physical pieces that re-imagine everyday spaces, and inspire people to view and engage with their everyday world differently. Scribbled Thought is a creative production company led by producer Steph Connell producing new work across genres.

Light the Fuse was founded in 2014 with the creation of Full Stop, commissioned by Latitude, GDIF, Lyric Hammersmith and Watford Palace. The show fused theatre, dance, circus and comedy to explore 24 hours at London bus stop and all the quirky characters we find there. The show toured again in 2015 with an injection of circus and joined by Scribbled Thought who led on all things organisational. Playground of Dreams will be the second collaboration between the two companies.

Our residency will include collaborators old and new including director Gemma Fairlie, movement consultant Neil Bettles, producer Steph Connell and performers Maria Gray and Craig Dagostino.

How would you describe the work you create?

We make outdoor work to pop up and surprise passers by in town centres, fields, parks and anywhere else we can get permission to. Our work aims to combine a strong dramatic narrative with comedy and high quality spectacle to engage new audiences in taking another look at their every day spaces and seeing the fun in the mundane.

What will you be working on during your residency at arts depot?

We are very excited to be working on our next show Playground of Dreams, which we are hoping to tour in summer 2017. Combining circus, dance and physical theatre, Playground of Dreams, will take place on a purpose built piece of equipment that combines all our playground favourites – monkey bars, slide, swings, the works. The show will explore and explode our memories and experiences of this iconic location. From four year olds on pirate climbing adventures to a teenager’s first kiss on the swings, from competitive mums to contemplative dog walkers. Four performers will swing, dance, leap, flip and fall through the seven ages of man, from mastering the monkey bars to smoking on the swings. The show will be highly physical and highlight this crucible of human interaction, sparking the imagination of audiences young and old.  

Which elements of the project will you be developing while you’re here?

We are going to use the time to brainstorm, to step away from the real world have some time to focus on the finer details of the work so we can figure out how the show might evolve from here. We want to speak to local residents and see what their experiences of playgrounds are and then explore the characters we might find there and the situations that might arise. We want to use the time to research, improvise and play. We will also be venturing outside the space to a local playground to get inspiration for equipment we might use and how we might use it. We are also going to invite a designer into the residency to brainstorm their ideas of what this mish mash of equipment we plan to build might look like and how it might work.

What's the most useful thing to have with you in the rehearsal room?

People. All of our work is devised so we thrive off having interesting people in the space that we can collaborate with to form and shape ideas and most all who will just get up and give something a go. Our cast have some phenomenal dance and acrobatic moves and are wonderful physical performers so we look forward to seeing them play with new characters and test out some ambitious moves!

We are also never without a camera. R&D is all about testing things out, throwing things away and most importantly capturing gems that can be developed into the final show.
Twitter: @Scribbled_Tweet @fusetheatre

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