Two boys wearing shorts, t-shirts and caps are playing outside. A large area of paved ground can be seen, and every inch of it is covered in brightly coloured dots, lines and squiggles for the boys to follow.

The Learning Labyrinth

We're working with A Line Art on The Learning Labyrinth, a new R&D project which will explore how communal spaces in schools can be adapted to provide opportunities for creativity, connection and positive interaction. 

A Line Art is a company that specialises in creating interactive art and theatre events for children and their families. Formed in 2010 with the mission of creating moments of childlike wonder which activate and nurture audiences' own artistry and creativity, their kaleidoscopic approach to theatre and art making is inclusive, accessible and distinctive. They have a strong illustrative playful aesthetic and their work is made for traditional (theatres, festivals, museums and libraries) and non traditional arts spaces (schools, shopping centres and public spaces) locally, nationally and internationally.

As schools embark on new restrictions in light of the Covid-19 crisis, we know that children and young people face an uncertain path in what their learning will look like and how their school will create connection with students in socially distanced bubbles. For many schools, classroom spaces comes at a premium, and A Line Art want to use this opportunity to explore how communal spaces in schools (corridors, halls and playgrounds) can be utilised as places of wonder, connection and stimulation. Accessibility has always been central to A Line Art’s work and philosophy, and they want to create an artistic environment which can tap into multiple senses and ways of experiencing “the art”. The Learning Labyrinth will utilise every corner of the school, taking students on a daily unforgettable journey where learning can spill out and connect the whole school community.

This project is supported by Arts Council England, artsdepot and Discover Children's Story Centre.