Gramophones Theatre: a girl dressed as a super hero with a mask and cape jumping with her arm stretched up among a rain of glitter

The Gramophones Theatre Company

Residency Dates: Mon 13 - Fri 17 Jan

Aidy the Awesome is an aerial and acrobatic theatre show for children and families about a young girl who becomes a superhero. The Gramophones will use the residency time to begin to develop the story, characters and music for the show. The idea is still in its infancy and they will use the time and space to work with their performers to develop it further.

As a company The Gramophones Theatre Company are keen to explore stories in which girls are protagonists in alternative feisty, funny and strong roles. They want to break down the princess archetype and offer young girls different role models to aspire to. They began their exploration of using aerial within their work to tell a story with Tarzanna which is currently touring.

The Gramophones are a playful, all-female theatre company, who devise honest theatre placing the audience at the centre of their performances. They use inventive storytelling, physical theatre, clowning, circus and autobiographicalwork to create accessible theatre with a focus on women’s voices.