Four Shadows Theatre performing outdoors

Four Shadows Theatre

Residency Dates: Tue 17 Mar - Thu 2 Apr 2015

Four Shadows Theatre is Chris Andrade and Richard J Wade. They are a company of performers, makers, do-ers currently based in York. The company makes devised work in response to people, historical events and existing stories; playing with pop culture and context to create work which is accessible yet ambitious, often being performed in unusual and non-theatre spaces.

Four Shadows Theatre is currently developing a show called Everest: 1924, about George Mallory's pioneering expedition to be the first person to summit Mount Everest. Four Shadows envisage polystyrene balls in desk fans as a snowstorm, tweed climbing suits, a pick axe dance routine, watering cans full of 'instant snow', a pop up tent. The audience will hear the words from those who have climbed along side Mallory and see handwritten letters to loved ones he left behind. There will be loss, friendship, laughter, fulfilment and madness.

During their residency at artsdepot, the company embarked on a two week intensive making process, completely immersing themselves in Mallory's story and life.

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This residency was supported by the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation