Fly High Stories: a photograph of a girl looking up into the blue sky and bright sun

Fly High Stories

Residency Dates: Mon 24 - Fri 28 Jun & Mon 2 - Fri 13 Dec

Fly High Stories was founded by old friends, director Jemma Gross and writer Rachel Barnett, to create theatre for family audiences with an emphasis on growth mindset and confidence building. Both mothers, they were inspired by a desire to make accessible theatre which their children would be captivated by. They are committed to making shows which can be enjoyed and understood by young audiences everywhere.

During the residency they workshopped a new script and musical score which looked at how to explain ideas of aerodynamics to young children through theatre. They worked with performers and a set designer and puppet maker to bring these to life. At the end of the residency they prepared to invite industry peers as well as children from a local school to a work in progress sharing.