Drunken Chorus: Love and then Lighthouses

Drunken Chorus: Love and then Lighthouses

Work in progress performance as part of Room: Mixed Bill 2 on Fri 18 Nov.

Sheena loves Pulp. She joined the fanclub 'Pulp People' when she was 13. She saw them live for the first time in their hometown of Sheffield and she's got a pair of ‘Pulp pants’ signed by Jarvis Cocker.

20 years on and Sheena still goes to indie discos, still always requests they play Pulp and still has the pants (framed on her wall!).

It doesn't make no sense, no.

It's not convenient, no.

It doesn't fit my plans, oh it's something I don't understand.

This new solo show from Drunken Chorus (I Never Told A Joke In My Life, Just Like Larry Walters) celebrates wearing sequins with corduroy, dancing till your feet hurt, and being driven to gigs by your mum.

A love letter to Jarvis.

A show full of disco lights, smoke machines and beacons in the darkness.

A DIY guidebook for a teenage journey through the pitch black Yorkshire night.

Created by Sheena Holliday and Chris Williams
Performed by: Sheena Holliday
Directed by: Chris Williams

Twitter: @DrunkenChorus #LoveAndThenLighthouses
Facebook: /DrunkenChorus
YouTube: /DrunkenChorus