custard on toast

Custard on Toast



When Auntie Hilda visits me

She always loves to cook

There are the weirdest recipes 

In Auntie Hilda’s book


“I’ll make you all your favourite meal

And I will be your hero!”

I wish Aunt Hilda would get real

Her cooking skills are zero!


“I know that you can’t wait to eat

The meal you love the most

In every way it has appeal

The best custard on toast!”


But Auntie Hilda it’s not nice

Toast with yucky custard

“Then you must add a little spice

Some ketchup and some mustard”


“And when you’ve eaten, we’ll go out

I’ll challenge you at conkers”

Aunt Hilda is without a doubt

The best, but truly bonkers!

by Judy Davies

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