Colourful Bookmarks

My main way of coping at this challenging time has been by doing art in my garden shed. I have been making abstract prints on offcuts of paper and cutting them up into bookmarks, which has been relaxing and fun. I made a lot of bookmarks last year that sold for £4 each at Open Studio events in Barnet and Wood Green. They come in various colours and designs - no two are the same. I glue two complementary prints together back to back, so that each side is a different design. 

I wanted the proceeds of the bookmarks being made during Lockdown to go to a charity, and chose a local one - the North London Hospice. They recently put out a press release appealing for donations:

I started selling them in aid of the hospice in mid April at £5 each to friends, family, and neighbours, and so far have sold over 60. The photos attached show a selection of bookmarks made in this period. They come in a cellophane wrapper, and many people have said they will make nice presents.

- Hilary Kidd 

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