Residency dates: Mon 30 Jan - Fri 3 Feb 2023

BULLYACHE (Deyn & Samuel) is a music and performance project, whose work spans choreography, film, and visual art. Tylor Deyn is a Caribbean queer working-class musician, filmmaker and choreographer. Jacob Samuel is a working-class musician and visual artist from Lancaster. 

In May 2022 they had a 6 day residency at Britten Pears, supported by the Genesis Foundation and PRS to develop new work TOM. Inspired by Orpheus, Participants are rehearsing and waiting indefinitely in a canteen / holding room, getting ready to perform. Their performance determines their claim to state funding, and their worth. This performance never comes. It explores our human need to be loved within capitalism - no call time, just perpetual purgatory. 

During their Artist Residency, they will research extended forms of performance and character development towards a fully realised version of the live work that will premiere in 2023.  

The work fuses music, song cycles, dance, theatre and film. The work is essential because it deals with Class, Performaitvy, Creation, Access and Transparency. 

Find them online:
Instagram - @bullyache_