An image comprised of two photos. On the left, Lauren is pictured outdoors wearing a warm winter coat. On the right, Paul is pictured on a train with countryside outside the window.

As part of their Residency, Paul and Lauren of Geotone starting laying the groundwork for new installation piece FUATH.

Lauren Phillips (she/her) is a community arts practitioner and climate justice activist. She is an associate artist for Face Front Inclusive Theatre- a disabled theatre charity in Enfield and GeoTone CIC.

Paul Hernes Barnes (he/him) is a site-specific theatre-maker. He makes theatre and installation work for non-typical that seeks to empower remote communities.

They are part of GeoTone CIC, an arts and technology social enterprise. Its mission is to create and share innovative audio experiences with people who are disadvantaged, disabled, elderly, or communities in remote locations.

During the residency, Paul and Lauren were laying the groundwork for a new installation piece. FUATH is a puppetry soundwalk that seeks to inspire climate justice. Audiences will be guided by puppets and assisted by the voices of the creatures, faeries and giants found in folklore. This project uses mythology and animism as a conceptual manifestation of nature’s anger towards humanity in an attempt to re-awaken our ancient respect for the natural world.

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