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Artist Aaron Blecha on Aliens, Zombies & Monsters!

| Fri 15 Oct 2021

We asked Artist Aaron Blecha about their upcoming Aliens, Zombies & Monsters! Exhibition as well as their The Big Draw Workshop. They also provide some top tips for young aspiring artists!

Can you tell us what to expect from the Aliens, Zombies & Monsters! Exhibition and your workshop for The Big Draw?

Hello! Aliens, Zombies & Monsters! is an interactive, immersive exploration into how children’s characters and books are created. As a children’s writer and illustrator, I reveal the tricks of my trade which gives visitors a unique peek into the process behind illustration work – starting from initial ideas and doodles to creating believable characters, then developing layouts and final completed pages. 

But most importantly, the gallery will be filled with life-sized aliens, zombies and monsters that are ready to mingle with visitors of all ages. Beam aboard an alien spaceship, take a photo amongst the monster mayhem or be part of a zombie family! I hope everyone will be inspired to sit and create their own creatures. 

On Mon 25th Oct I’m excited to be heading up three workshops for The Big Draw! This year’s topic is “kindness” which is something I think we all need right now.  The plan is to weave in some of my characters or Halloween elements into the workshops, so maybe kids can create their own family of monsters? Alien best buddies? Making someone laugh with their funny characters? 

How did you discover your creative and artistic side, and how has that led you to create Aliens, Zombies & Monsters?

I grew up in Wisconsin, USA that had long, cold winters so I had lots of time indoors to draw aliens from Star Wars or sprawling monster battles with my brother. Weird and wonderful characters, both in real life and in my imagination, have always been fascinating to me. I’ve been fortunate to turn that into a career in illustration. 

One day, I started to sketch out some aliens and decided to post one each day on social media. Before I knew it I had dozens of them and I wanted to get them out in the world so approached Hove Museum & Art Gallery with a exhibition proposal. Aliens, Zombies & Monsters was born! 

What advice do you have for young artists? 

Throughout their years at school, children are often given the impression that art isn’t as important as the main topics and only a hobby. I want to show children, parents, teachers (everyone!) that it’s possible to use their creativity and imagination to create their own characters and stories. Artists are around everywhere- every single TV show, movie, or video game has dozens of artists working behind the scenes on them.

In my school visits and workshops I talk about a few important themes...

  • That it’s ok to make mistakes and you can learn from them! 
  • Everyone has their own art style and way of looking at the world! 
  • Keeping trying and try not to take art so seriously! 

I hope everyone enjoys my Aliens, Zombies & Monsters at artsdepot during half term

You can visit the Aliens, Zombies & Monsters! Free Exhibiton between Sun 24 - Sat 30 Oct 21 from 11am - 4pm, find out more.
Aaron Blecha will be running workshops at The Big Draw happening Mon 25 Oct 21, find out more.
Find out more about Aaron Blecha at their website here.

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