Two women, casually dressed, sit on a kitchen table with cups of tea and notebooks. The table is decorated with flowers, in the background two teapots sit on a stove

All for One

Residency Dates: Mon 2 - Fri 6 Sep

All for One are a new theatre company run by Lauren Scott and Katie Jillard. Lauren and Katie are both actors and met whilst working at a special needs school. They want to create stories that their students can relate to and enjoy, and for their audience to see themselves represented on stage.

During the residency, All for One are working on a children's theatre piece called Off goes Stan. They want the theatre piece to include makaton, sensory elements and music to engage the audience. They aim for their audience to be integrated, including both mainstream and disabled children. Lauren and Katie feel it is really important to integrate these audiences to show that children are children regardless of ability.