Why volunteer Seb loves the Minecraft Gaming Zone

| Thu 21 Feb 2019

Throughout Half Term, we've run an Interactive Minecraft Gaming Zone where children and parents can explore, build and play together. The Gaming Zone was created with the help of our community in Minecraft Design Workshops that took place around North London in January. Many of the workshop participants went on to volunteer at the Gaming Zone, explaining Minecraft to our visitors and sharing tips and tricks. Volunteer Seb describes his experience:

"I’ve really enjoyed my experience helping out here at artsdepot and it is something I’m happy to have done. All the staff have been wonderful and there could not be better workers. I think there is no way to improve the way things are set up and performed. My experience volunteering has been fascinating because that I have helped lots of different people, yet all of them have such different ways of understanding things and very different personalities."

The Minecraft Gaming Zone has introduced some of the key themes of the show MINE, which sees a mother and her son playing Minecraft together and building their relationship through gaming. Seb is looking forward to the show:

"The overall story of why this Minecraft Gaming Zone was set up is very interesting. Be sure to head to the website, if you would like to know more about it. I really support artsdepot in whatever they plan to do as their next project, show or exhibition and I hope they succeed."

Watch the video below to see what happened in the Minecraft Design Workshops, to find out why Seb is so enthuasiastic!

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