Living Spit A Christmas Carol

What to expect at Living Spit's A Christmas Carol

| Thu 10 Nov 2016

On Saturday 26 November we welcome Living Spit to perform their adaptation of A Christmas Carol. We caught up with the musical comedy duo Howard and Stu to find out more about the show, including how it differs from the original tale, what to expect and any memorable responses.

Can you tell us about Living Spit and the work you create?
We’re a two-man musical comedy outfit that specialise in taking historical figures and classic texts and making them as ridiculous as possible. Our first show was The Six Wives of Henry VIII in which Howard, who looks just like Henry VIII, played Henry VIII, and Stu, who’s a man, played all the wives. We’ve just done a version of Frankenstein, where the hero has a pet hamster. That just about sums us up. We both play instruments and sing, too. So we do that sometimes as well.

Can you tell us more about how you’ve re-invented this classic Dickens tale?
The story is your classic tale of festive redemption, so we haven’t mucked about with it too much. Although the Ghost of Christmas Past is a 6 foot 4 man in a tutu pretending he’s an Irish woman. And the Ghost of Christmas Present is a man with a box on his head. The Cratchit family are all teddy bears. So pretty close to the original, really.

What can we expect from the show?
Well, we’ve done the show before, and people say it’s really funny, but that’s not really for us to say. It’s definitely silly, but it is the actual story of Scrooge and the night that changes his life, so it’s really Christmassy too. If you like The Muppet Christmas Carol we think you’ll like this.

What memorable responses have you had to your work?
Oh stop it now, you’re embarrassing us… Okay, well, we’re from Bristol, and the Western Daily Press called our Henry VII show “The best 100-minute comedy show outside the Edinburgh Fringe” so that was nice. Other people have called our shows “Brilliantly Bonkers”, “Gloriously silly and worth watching”, “A case study in sinewy simplicity and honed comedy craftsmanship” People have said about A Christmas Carol "Christmas tradition laced with amusing social comment, saucy lyrics and really, really well-constructed comedy" ”Be sure not to miss out, it is the ideal way to get into the holiday mood!”, and “A Christmas Cracker full of Festive  fun“. So that’s nice.

What’s the funniest thing that’s happened in a rehearsal?
Well, Stu got his nob out in the last show. That was pretty funny, I mean, you should see it! He doesn’t do it in A Christmas Carol though. So that’s good.

See Living Spit's A Christmas Carol on Saturday 26 November


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