collage of people's faces

We Are artsdepot

We Are artsdepot is an exhibition celebrating the wonderful community of artsdepot.

Including audience members and participants, artists, project partners, volunteers and staff members, this collection of portraits reflects some of the people who come through our doors and who help make artsdepot what it is.

Photography by Hannah Lemon


We asked eveyone photographed to tell us how they'd describe artsdepot, here's what they said:

"artsdepot is a place to create and be creative, for both artists and the community. It’s a place to see ideas come to life and connect with like minded people." Natalya

"artsdepot is a local gem. I’ve enjoyed many a fun night out there and look forward to doing so again." Nita

"artsdepot is not just a place for fun and entertainment, but a place to learn and grow in a creative environment. There are so many opportunities to get involved - such as the work experience programme, which I would highly recommend to any young people interested in the arts!" Isabelle

"Fun. Relax. Knowledge. Art. artsdepot is All." Janina

"artsdepot has been a generous, gentle and efficient space that host a big part of my and the Iranian community's artistic activities since 2005, I wish this to continue for a long time." Soussan

“artsdepot is a creative playground.” Cara

“artsdepot is magic because all the staff are very nice, very kind and very welcoming. Every time I go through the door I feel happy and at home.” Josie

"artsdepot is.... The perfect venue to to reach the local community. At Big Beat Playground we specialise in family friendly dance music events and artsdepot is a fantastic spot to hold our boutique festivals. Local families and friends love the venue and it becomes a great hub where everyone can get together, enjoy themselves and have some family fun!" Ian

"artsdepot is funny." Grace

"artsdepot is a wonderful cultural hub - I feel so lucky to live close by." Lucy

“artsdepot is expression.” Bora

"I have spent many happy hours of my life creating work, running workshops, delivering projects, rehearsing and performing at artsdepot and I feel very privileged to be part of this dynamic venue and to have been able to contribute to the key role it plays in the cultural and creative life of my local community." Kumiko

"artsdepot is at the heart of creative arts in Barnet." Susy

“It was after I saw a show at artsdepot that I knew what I wanted to do with my dance. artsdepot is a place of inspiration.” Alecsander

“artsdepot is an escape from the mundane, into something fun and uplifting.” Nick

"artsdepot is a place to play" Jemma

"artsdepot is the heartbeat of our North London community. It’s a place where people of all ages go to have fun and feel safe. This unique theatre is inclusive, vibrant and a place everyone wants to come back to as it always leaves you wanting MORE!" Talitah

"artsdepot is a rare gem of a place that really makes you feel at home. As well as nurturing exciting artists and great theatre, it’s also a vibrant space where local communities hang out and get involved." Victor E.

"artsdepot is a great place for safely bringing the community together to enjoy the joys of life. It reminds us how important the arts and creativity can be at this time." Angie

"artsdepot is a fizzling cradle of creativity for North London, an invitation and inspiration to let the arts into your life, a provocation to question the world around you, a place for learning, performing, watching, playing, making and generally taking part. Also a place I call work!" Tim