Arts & Crafts Winter Showcase 2021

Application Deadline: Mon 11 Oct , 10am


Submissions are now open for our Arts & Crafts Winter Showcase!

Our Winter Showcase is an opportunity for designers, makers, artists and craftspeople who are local to Barnet to showcase their work. From jewellery and accessories to textiles, ceramics and visual art, our Arts & Crafts Showcase displays the artistry and diversity of skills in our community. 

The selected works will be on display and on sale within our foyer areas from Mon 15 Nov - Thu 27 Jan. 

artsdepot welcomes over 162,000 people each year, providing a great opportunity to show your work off to a wide variety of local art lovers. We are situated in North Finchley and will prioritise artists based in Barnet and the surrounding boroughs. 

Sales of all artworks in the Showcase will be managed by artsdepot, at a charge of 20% commission + commission VAT. Sales generally come from general public wandering through, and this should be considered when setting prices for work.  

Artists must submit their work by Mon 11 Oct, 10am. This can be done in one of three ways. Please either:   

Complete this online application form.


A Word Document form can be downloaded from here. This must be emailed alongside images of the artworks to after completing.  


Alternatively, physical submission forms may be picked up and handed in at the Box Office.  

Any questions about the Winter Showcase may be sent to We look forward to seeing your wonderful work! 

Note: Arts and crafts measuring less than 27cm in height will be displayed in glass cases in our foyer. These items should be priced at less than £100. Our Exhibition Wall can accommodate larger artworks. We are particularly interested in items that may link towards the winter season and are happy to accept work from the gift market right up to specialist pieces.