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Sun 5 Apr

NT Connections Festival 2020 – Day 7

by Chris Thompson | presented by Pumphouse CYT

In a remote part of the UK, where nothing ever happens, a group of teenagers share a safe house for LGBT+ young people.

While their shared home welcomes difference, it can be tricky for self-appointed group leader Birdie to keep the peace. The group must decide how they want to commemorate an attack that happened to LGBT+ people, in a country far away. How do you take to the streets and protest if you’re not ready to tell the world who you are? If you’re invisible, does your voice still count? A play about love, commemoration and protest.


The Marxist in Heaven
by Hattie Naylor | presented by The Hackney Shed Collective

When you wake up in paradise (but dead), would you get straight back to work? Would you continue to struggle for equality and fairness in all?

Funny, playful, provocative, pertinent and jam-packed with discourse, disputes, deities and disco dancing by the bucketful, this upbeat buoyant allegory shines its holy light on globalization and asks the salient questions – who are we? What are we doing to ourselves? And what conditioner do you use on your hair?

Age Guidance: 14+
Running Time: Each show runs no longer than 1 hour 

Tickets £6 when bought in advance, £7 when bought on the day.

Latecomers will be admitted at a suitable break in the performance. Please note that this may be the interval.

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Tickets £6 in advance (£7 on the day)

Age Guidance 14+

  • Sun 5 Apr 20207.00pmSold Out

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