ThisEgg: Goggles

Two performers. Two pairs of goggles. A fish tank.
What happens when the water is drained? Will they be able to keep each other afloat?

Gemma and Josie had pet fish - Sunny and Boo.
They’re dead now. They killed them. Accidentally.
This show is for them - Sunny and Boo.

A show that travels fast and stops hard. A show about love and happiness.
It is about fish just as much as it is about humans.

ThisEgg is an emerging company exploring ways of making theatre inspired by their own experiences of the lives they are living. The company's aim is to create accessible theatre that is immediate, honest and alive. They devise original material that fuses theatrical styles, celebrating different forms of entertainment. They want to make shows that are wicked, wild and free.

Written and Performed by Josie Dale-Jones and Gemma Barnett
Twitter: @ThisEgg_
Facebook: /thiseggtheatre