Natassa DeParis: Mothers Milk

Inspired by Greek tragedians, Mothers Milk is a play about three female figures exploring the role of women as mothers. Opening with Jacosta’s story, the role of a mother finds its way in the dynamic between lovers. The play moves on to the story of Medea, where the denial of the maternal is being explored in a woman’s decision to abort her unborn twins. The final movement transports us to a school where female teachers mourn the lives of their students. Mothers Milk explores the agency of these women, and how their lives might be entwined.

Natassa DeParis has just completed her MA in Writing for Performance and Dramaturgy at Goldsmiths University and believes that theatre is a tool of provocation.

Mothers Milk is directed by Marie Rabe. As well as directing fringe theatre, Marie is an actress, aerial hoopist, and member of Scrawny Cat Theatre.