Natalie Wearden

Natalie Wearden: Glitter and Smoke

Natalie Wearden's practice sits on the boundaries of fine art, performance and theatre, encompassing elements of dance, drawing, live art, sound, costume and digital media. Natalie explores performance and all that it can or might encompass.

In Glitter and Smoke, Natalie collaborates with a group of artists from You Are Already Dead - a collective of makers and writers working with texts to make short pieces of theatre. Based on a text by Allie Costa, Glitter and Smoke explores the obsessive retelling and recreation of a memory of a beautiful moment, and how futile trying to capture a memory can often be. Fragmented in our minds, the memory of a happy place can become tormenting, as we obsessively try to rediscover those happy moments.
Twitter: @nataliewearden
Facebook: /natalieweardenart