Past Artists Residencies

Over the last two years, artsdepot has hosted 13 Research & Development Residencies in the Creation Space. The residency programme provides a space for artists to research and test ideas for work in development and allows artsdepot to engage and support emerging and established individuals and companies from different art form backgrounds.

Residencies taking place in Spring 2015 - Summer 2016 were supported by artsdepot and the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation.

Previous residencies were:

  • Jack Dean performing

    Jack Dean

    Jack Dean developed elements of his new project Vinland, the true(ish) story of the last recorded Viking journey.

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  • an illustration of a girl in sailing gear, holding a rope, looking over her shoulder towards blue curling waves

    Carbon Theatre

    Carbon started working on an interactive show for children, following a girl's journey around the world.

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  • Trajectory Theatre performing with VR headsets

    Trajectory Theatre

    Trajectory Theatre revive 250 years of British circus through virtual and augmented reality.

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  • Greg Wohead in floods

    Greg Wohead

    Choking back tears and letting them flow, Greg Wohead explored the act of crying for a new theatre performance.

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  • an astonished face of a person, holding waterbottles in front of their eyes

    The Bone Ensemble

    The Bone Ensemble started to create a new family show all about water.

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  • A young man sitting in a green garden

    Hyperdrive Theatre

    Hyperdrive Theatre developed a new verbatim piece from personal stories of coming out.

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  • Darren Clark, Dorie Kinnear, Alex Kanefsky in Once Upon A Snowflake

    Paper Balloon

    Throwing baking and theatre into a mix, Paper Balloon started work on a new family show.

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  • Two members of Handprint Theatre in a rehearsal room, pointing upwards

    Handprint Theatre

    Handprint Theatre started creating an accessible performance from Joyce Dunbar's Moonbird.

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  • Figs in Wigs, dressed in green, draped on a sofa

    Figs in Wigs

    Fign in Wigs make live art, turning Little Women into Little Wimmin.

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  • Archita Kumar

    Archita Kumar

    Archita Kumar began the development of a new solo choreography exploring the Indian epic Mahabharata.

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  • A woman in a leopard dressing gown and a pink face mask, making a surprised gesture behind a dressing table

    Sarah Blanc

    Exploring contemporary concepts of beauty, Sarah Blanc developed a solo dance comedy piece.

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  • A raised fist holding a mug, writing on the mug reads The Welcome Revolution


    The revolution started with a cuppa and help from our audience in Feat.Theatre's new work.

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  • Headshot of Melanie Wilson

    Melanie Wilson

    Working on the score and the sound, Melanie's piece Live Long & Die Out took shape in this residency.

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  • People Show sitting around a table in costume

    People Show 135

    In this residency, People Show focussed on the politics of truth for their new piece People Show 135

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  • Black and white image of Hannah Walker

    Hannah Jane Walker

    20% of the population are 'highly sensitive'. In her residency, Hannah Jane Walker asked if we can use our sensitivity better.

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  • care bears in toy box

    Rhiannon Faith

    Rhiannon Faith explored how we can successfully live as imperfect human beings.

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  • Dante or Die

    Dante or Die researched a new performance called USER NOT FOUND which will explore our digital legacy after we die.

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  • An image of Malcolm Johnson from Manic Chord Theatre

    Ellie Dubois and Kim Donohoe

    This residency was centered on Little Top; a magical first circus experience for 0-2 year olds and their grown ups.

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  • An image of dice spelling Asylum

    Grace Chapman

    Playwright Grace Chapman continued to develop Leave to Remain, a play exploring the UK’s response to the migrant crisis.

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  • An image of musicians playing for Ensemble Perpetuo

    Ensemble Perpetuo

    This residency looked at how to bring chamber music to new audiences through exciting collaborations and repertoire choices.

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  • An image of Malcolm Johnson from Manic Chord Theatre

    Manic Chord Theatre

    Manic Chord Theatre explores what dementia reveals about living in the present, and outside it, with their show This is Yesterday.

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  • Luke Brown Dance

    A mini-residency exploring Little Red Balloon; a dance-theatre work that spirals around the phenomenon of hypnosis and time.

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  • Ellen Havard

    A mini-residency developing a devised production of Rapunzel for children.

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  • Filskit Theatre

    Filskit Theatre's spent their residency researching and developing a brand new show for the under 5's.

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  • Proto-type Theater

    Proto-type Theater researched and developed new work The Audit exploring the mechanisms of greed.

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  • ThisEgg

    ThisEgg explored ideas towards a new family show for children and adults all about bees in their mini-residency.

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  • Light The Fuse and Scribbled Thought

    Light The Fuse and Scribbled Thought developed new outdoor show Playground of Dreams.

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  • Pitch Lake Productions

    Pitch Lake Productions explored the first draft of new play They Know Not What they Do by Michelle Inniss.

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  • Pebble Gorge

    Pebble Gorge developed an interactive studio show for children aged 4 - 6 that explores space and the stars.

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  • Amy Hodge, 7 - 75

    Amy Hodge

    An exploration of the physical language of a piece of dance-theatre set in a home for the elderly.

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  • John Ross Dance

    John Ross Dance

    John Ross Dance explored ideas inspired by American author Mitch Albom's book The Five People You Meet In Heaven.

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  • BirdGang Dance Company, A Harlem Dream

    BirdGang Dance Company

    BirdGang developed the themes and theatrical story-telling devices in Ivan Blackstock’s A Harlem Dream.

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  • Uninvited Guests

    Uninvited Guests

    Uninvited Guests' new show is an inquisitive look at anger, crisis and destruction in the world we are living in.

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  • Certain Dark Things

    Certain Dark Things

    Certain Dark Things explore the use of puppetry, animation and physical theatre in their new show Melancholy.

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  • Sarah Butcher & Rob Watt

    Sarah Butcher and Rob Watt are adapting The Windvale Sprites by Mackenzie Crook into a piece of theatre.

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  • concrete jungle image

    HighRise Theatre

    The collective worked on The Concrete Jungle Book, their take on Rudyard Kipling's classic.

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  • Spiltmilk Dance performers on stage

    Spiltmilk Dance

    Research and development for Blast From the Past - a journey through the last 60 years of British culture.

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  • Four Shadows Theatre performing outdoors

    Four Shadows Theatre

    Developing Everest: 1924, a show about George Mallory's pioneering expedition to summit Mount Everest.

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  • image of oranges

    Anna Beecher & Rachel Lincoln

    Anna and Rachel are making a live art show for babies and adults, evoking each season through the senses.

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  • image of beach huts

    Page One Theatre

    Page One joined us to work on ideas for a new show for children, set at the seaside.

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  • The Many Doors of Frank Feelbad

    Bootworks Theatre

    Developing The Many Doors of Frank Feelbad, an intimate performance for children exploring loss.

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