Figs in Wigs, dressed in green, draped on a sofa

Figs in Wigs

Residency Dates: Tue 17 – Fri 27 Apr 2018

Figs in Wigs are a UK based performance company who make work that is an unconventional mix of theatre, live art, comedy and dance. They have been making work collaboratively since 2012 using puns, bad jokes and pop culture references to charm and disarm audiences of all ages. They enjoy making work at the juncture of different fields to allow their fingers access to as many pies as possible.

This year, Figs in Wigs are going to adapt Little Women.

The company wish to use to the traditional structure of Louisa May Alcott’s 1868 novel as the apparatus on which to hang an original and multi-faceted piece of contemporary live art exploring collaboration, climate change, women's changing role in society, and the relationship between past, present and future. They will use our time at artsdepot to really pick apart and study the text, to question what ‘progress’ has been made in the 150 years since the book's publishing, and what damage has been done.
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