Black and white image of Hannah Walker

Hannah Jane Walker

Residency Dates: Sat 11 - Sun 12 Nov / Tue 28 - Wed 29 Nov

Sensitivity is messy. It is inconvenient. We think of it as a weakness, yet 20% of the population are ’highly sensitive’. If you are not highly sensitive, you definitely know someone who is. This show is about the difficult and uplifting moments we face in the process of being a person.

During her residency, Hannah Jane Walker asked if sensitivity has helped us evolve, has had a purpose historically, why only now we see it as redundant. In a time of political and social division, this show brings a community of people together to ask if we can use our sensitivity better, if we can change the story, if it could in fact be our greatest strength. This is Hannah’s first solo show for studio theatres.

Made with and devised through working conversations with Chris Thorpe, Matt Burman and Daniel Pitt, the show is being developed through residencies at artsdepot and the Junction. The show was expected to complete its initial period of R&D December 2017 and to begin production in early 2018, premiering late 2018. Highly Sensitive was featured in the Room Festival on Wed 22 Nov 2017.

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