care bears in toy box

Rhiannon Faith

Residency Dates: Tue 31 Oct - Fri 10 Nov

Rhiannon Faith make autobiographical shows exposing the sweet, fragile and devastating aspects of human relationships: It’s dance/theatre with a smutty mouth. In their residency for The I Don't F***ing Care Bear, they adventured into moral meaning, ethics and belly badges.

Rhiannon Faith jumps in her cloud car to bring you a wacky, fluffy, adorably ridiculous performance that takes one care bear on a serious quest to discover how we can successfully live as imperfect human beings, and in turn, restore our cheer.

A let down care bear stare, candyfloss clouds, bear dancing and humour were all fully expected to be part of the residency.

Twitter: @RhiannonFaith
Facebook: RhiannonFaithPage
Instagram: Rhiannon_Faith