Dante or Die

Residency Dates: Mon 20 – Fri 31 Mar 2017

Have you considered your digital legacy? What will happen to your Facebook account when you pass away? Are there things on your phone history searches that you wouldn’t want your nearest and dearest to see after they’ve buried you? What about the thousands of text messages, photos and videos that tell the stories of our modern relationships?

User Not Found is about our digital lives after we die. Dante or Die were developing their research for this new performance, which explores our digital legacy. Their starting point was with a man who is grieving for a partner who recently passed away. The piece will explore the ethics of digital ownership as well as privacy. They were experimenting with the idea of how café and screen culture permeates in the UK and intend on performing this production in public cafes. The company are interested in the emotional journey that the person next to you is going through with their device.

Dante or Die creates ambitious and emotionally driven site-sensitive productions inspired by contemporary stories and the magic in the mundane. Their collaborations result in compelling theatre that invites audiences to experience unpredictable theatrical journeys. Recent productions include a national tour of self-storage buildings (Handle With Care), leisure centers (Take On Me) and hotels (I Do). Daphna Attias and Terry O’Donovan, who collaborate with specific artists, organisations and businesses for each project, artistically direct the company.

Twitter: @danteordie
Facebook: /danteordie