Lydia Cottrell: Atlantis

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” Oscar Wilde

Atlantis is a one woman space race. It takes the audience on a journey through Disneyland and into outer space and asks them to look back and reconsider the planet we inhabit. What did we learn from the race into space? What did we gain in getting there? And can we train for failure?

Funny, thoughtful and highly kinetic, Atlantis uses popcorn, projection, a paddling pool and the songs of the STS-135 shuttle mission to explore the answers to all these questions. Along the way, the show asks us to consider the idea that we all inhabit a spaceship – spaceship Earth - and draws parallels between our planet and the shuttle’s namesake, the mythical island that sank beneath the waves.

Lydia creates bold and brave multi-disciplinary performance that challenges institutional status quo and presents new ideas and questions to audiences in engaging and interesting ways. Her practice is informed by a background in dance, live art and feminism.