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| Mon 12 Sep 2016

With just under two weeks until West End star Sue Kelvin takes to the stage to pay homage to her idol Bette Midler in the fabulous show Bette Midler & Me, we thought we would share our ten best Bette Midler moments, songs and appearances…  

  1. Let’s kick things off with Bette Midler playing both Sadie Ratliff & Sadie Shelton in Big Business. Midler received an American Comedy Award in the category Funniest Actress in a Motion Picture for her performance in 1989. Check out a clip of her hilarious performance here.
  2. Bette as Winnie Sanderson in Hocus Pocus! During BBC interview in 2008, Bette said that out of all her movies, this was her favourite. And we hear she’s keen for a sequel too…
  3. Have you heard Bette Midler’s cover of TLC’s Waterfalls? Only Bette could take a nineties classic and create an even more impressive power ballad. Listen here.
  4. What about the time Bette took classic big-band tune Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, and performed it in her classic Bette Midler style. Check it out here.
  5. How could we forget the song Wind Beneath My Wings! The US No1 was named Record of the Year and Song of the Year at the Grammy Awards of 1990 and apparently is still one of the most-played songs at British funerals… Give it a listen here.
  6. Another of our favourite Bette’s is when she did a whole album of girl-group covers in 2014, listen to a snippet of It’s the Girls! here. #GirlPower
  7. Quite simply every tweet she’s ever written… Here’s a selection (please note, they contain some adult content).
  8. Another classic Bette as she starred alongside Goldie Hawn & Diane Keaton in the hilarious The First Wives Club. The influential trio are due to release a new Netflix movie later this year called Divanation, so keep your eyes peeled…
  9. Who could forget Bette’s mermaid alter ego Delores Delago. In 1978 Bette performed her entire world tour as Delores, here’s a clip.
  10. How could our number ten best Bette be anything but Bette playing CC in Beaches! The cult classic film has brought a tear to the eye of millions! We’re super looking forward to Sue Kelvin’s puppet interpretation in Bette Midler & Me!!

You can catch Bette Midler & Me, in which Sue Kelvin covers Bette Midler’s life and songs from the perspective of life-long fan, here on Sat 24 Sep.

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