Play Dough

What to expect at interactive show Play Dough

| Tue 8 Mar 2016

We caught up with Unlimited Theatre to find out a bit more about interactive show Play Dough and what to expect.

Is it an actual game show?
Yes, there are several games played with £10,000 in real pound coins, led by Queenie and TooMuch. The cast are brilliant at looking managing children on stage, leading activities that will help you to understand some of the esoteric language of global economics!

Is there audience participation?
Yes, audiences will be split into two teams, with Queenie leading one team and TooMuch the other. One team will win and one will lose – the winners decide what to spend the money on.

Will I have to get up and do stuff?
Not if you don’t want to. There will be someone else in your team who is bound to jump up and volunteer. If you do want to, you can help Queenie and TooMuch demonstrate what we mean by hedging, going short, going long, explaining what a sub prime mortgage is and how the collapse of mortgages in America increases the price of goods and services on your High Street.

This £10,000 on stage – you don’t really mean it do you?
Yes, we do. You’ll see it and if you want, you’ll get to play with it too. But you won’t get to take it away, I’m afraid. We have a security guard on stage and CCTV running at all times, in case temptation should get the better of anyone.

So it’s all a game then?
No, we’ll play some games and have a blast but we are looking at some heavy-duty issues, wanting to provoke thought and discussion. It’s an accessible, entertaining, funny and intriguing exploration of real, contemporary issues with major impacts and repercussions for us all.

So, did you get any inside info from the finance sector?
Clare Duffy spoke to a number of people (on and off the record) in the UK finance sector (including bankers, Hedge Fund managers and editors at the Financial Times) to get thoughts and perspectives and to try to get the feel and atmosphere right. She also went to Greece speak to people at the heart of the Eurozone crisis.    

Who do you think would enjoy this show?
The show is designed for children age 7-14 to understand the content and enjoy the interaction. However, it’s also adult friendly with grown-ups often learning a lot from it. We want to make a contribution to the larger conversation in an exciting, interesting and engaging way.

See Unlimited Theatre's Play Dough at artsdepot Saturday 19 March.


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