Sun 28 Oct

Sunday Buzz: Mr. Little's Noisy Band

Mr Little has always had a noisy brain. As a child he would press his head up to people's ears and ask if they could hear it. They never could and the older he grew the more frustrated he became until at last it was unbearable. Desperate to be heard, he sold his soul for a band of the finest musicians.

Since then Mr Little and his noisy band have been making music to captivate and spiritualise the senses, each night giving meaning to their music which it has never had before and may never have again.

Led by London based guitarist and composer Andy Little, this blistering band blends modern funk and jazz in exciting and intricate arrangements. Playing a host of original compositions, Andy’s band comprises some of the UK jazz funk scene’s hottest musicians.

On this occasion the band will be performing as a stripped back organ trio featuring Joel Prime on drums and Matt Carter on hammond.

Venue: CafeDepot

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  • Sun 28 Oct 201811.45am

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