Three men and one woman lean on each other and smile. It is shoulders up and black and white.
Sat 4 Jul


From rip-roaring klezmer and dynamic tango, to their self-penned gypsy-jazz, Klezmer-ish bring a trademark twist to whatever genre takes their fancy. Klezmer-ish draw inspiration from the music of bygone travellers.

Four incredibly outward-looking classically trained musicians who met whilst playing with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra present their fittingly titled new album Dusty Road which sees the band freeing themselves from the "shackles" of the rigid hierarchy of the orchestra as they explore the music of immigrants from various cultural backgrounds who left their homelands in pursuit of a better life.

Bound together in the true spirit of intercultural exchange, their music is always on the move, like the travelling peoples that it reflects. The band bring in and out of focus each instrumental element to introduce an unusual sound world. This gives the music a fluidity and constantly changing dynamism unto its own, as the album takes you on a wide-ranging journey of musical styles from Klezmer, tango, gypsy-jazz and beyond.

Presented by Klezmer-ish

Venue: Studio Theatre

"A complete and utter transportation to any cobbled, bohemian street in Eastern Europe through the rustic charm of Klezmer-ish’s music, resplendent with quirky off-beats and pretty melodies ...their sound is rich and multi-layered, the various textures running as deep as they do wide" The Sphinx


"An irresistible musical journey from Buenos Aires and Paris to the Levant and the Emerald Isle... a real box of delights, played with evident pleasure by the band who take it in turn to step in to the spotlight with hugely enjoyable freewheeling solos which showcase their dexterity and talent" ★★★★ Arts City Liverpool


Running Time: 1 hour 50 mins (inc interval)

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Tickets from £12

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