Keep Going Molly

M&E: Keep Going Molly

This is what you've been waiting for. Keep Going Molly is an event that challenges notions of heroism and the impossibility of altruism. In a desperate attempt to save a world that is spiralling out of control, Molly and Emily relentlessly hurl themselves around the stage, grasping the reins and steering us all to safety.

Sitting on the edge of collapsing and being out of control, Keep Going Molly plays with fragility and disappointment, commenting on a world that, in its endeavour to define a hero, is left incomplete, failing, and broken.

M&E is a collaboration between Molly Scarborough and Emily Walsh. They are committed to making work that embraces and works alongside the community. Their current work is playfuly poignant, failing yet fragile, committed yet on the edge of collapsing. Exploring the worldwide alongside the everyday, their attempt for success results in failure. But at least they are trying...
Twitter: @MandEtheatre
Facebook: /mandetheatre

Image by Lucinda Hunt