A view from the stage into the Pentland theatre auditorium

Have you got our app?

Published: Thu 12 Apr 2018

We have an app. A what? An app. Almost like we’re living in the future now! Amazing.

Have you got our app?

Here’s what you could do with our app.

  • You can buy tickets.
  • You can help us go paperless and present your tickets on your phone – they will be stored in the app’s ticket wallet whether you buy them online, on the phone, or in person.
  • You can order refreshments and skip the queue. (No, really.)
  • You can find out what’s on at artsdepot
  • You can give us quick feedback.
  • Or you could find out where we are, our opening hours, how to contact us and how to get home after our app has helped you have the most amazing experience at artsdepot.

But how can you get the app? Simple. Head over to iTunes or the Google Playstore, search for “artsdepot app” and you’re good to go. Told you, simple.

But please remember to turn your phone off when you’re in the theatre.

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