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Guest Blog: Daniel Bye & Boff Whalley run away to the hills

| Wed 11 Mar 2020

We're Dan and Boff. We’re a pair of big children who like running about in the mud, as you can see from the photograph. From time to time we go indoors in order to make theatre and music projects, together and separately, and for this one we decided to bring our hobby indoors. These Hills Are Ours is about running away from it all, on foot, fleeing the mess and noise of 21st century digital life, and heading for the wild playground of the hills. The show is playful, conversational, musical, engaging: Dan tells stories, Boff sings songs, and in the gaps in between we chat to each other and to the audience. 

The most important item in the rehearsal room is always post-it notes. We can work without Boff’s guitar for a day or two, but without post-it notes work would grind to a halt. They record ideas as they come up, they help us arrange and re-arrange the structure, they give us easily-accessible reference points and notes that don’t just disappear forever between the covers of a moleskine.

We’re spending our residency at artsdepot’s Creation Space putting the finishing touches to the show, threading all of our thoughts, songs and ideas through the story of one epic run. That hasn’t happened yet: it’s the final piece in the jigsaw. The approximate route is here ( and on Wed 4 Mar you can follow Dan’s progress live via that link. Our time at artsdepot will be spent reflecting on that experience and putting it into words before the finished show goes on tour from April. 

These Hills Are Ours starts its tour at Shoreditch Town Hall on Tue 31 Mar - Fri 3 Apr (buy tickets here). Find out more about the tour here. 

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