an illustrated row of houses in a box, text reads the seashell stew
Mon 14 Dec - Mon 25 Jan

The Seashell Stew: A Show in a Box

Are you looking for entertainment and food for thought this winter?

Open up our 'show in a box' and discover a seaside town where nothing much happens and everyone likes to keep to themselves, until one day…

With original artwork, sound design and music, The Seashell Stew brings a little bit of theatre magic to your home this winter. Enjoy a screen-free family experience with this craft box / paper theatre / radio play. 

Snuggled inside the box, you'll find everything you need to create your own family theatre show including your very own storyteller! Cut out and colour the puppets and set from The Seashell Stew, listen to this heart-warming story inspired by a traditional folk-tale and act along or create your own version.

To order your show in a box, please click on the //BOOK link on this page. For more information about booking and delivery, please see the 'How this works' tab. 

Venue: your home!

This show in a box is recommended for children aged 5 - 10 and their families. It is not recommended for children under 4 as the box contains sharp objects (scissors and a pencil sharpener).

The box contains a craft kit with which you can create your own puppets, costume and set for the show. It also includes a link to a recorded radio play of the show, so you can listen to the story while you act it out with your puppets, or create your own version. 

To book your show in a box, click on the //BOOK link on this page. Bookings end on Mon 25 Jan and your box will be sent out by first class post on Tue 26 Jan. Please check that the delivery address on your artsdepot account is up to date. 

You'll have the option to Pay What You Decide at £9.90, £14.90 or £19.90. It's entirely up to you and you'll receive the same box whatever you decide to pay. You only need to buy one 'ticket' per box, if you buy more than one ticket we'll send you that number of boxes. 

If you have any questions, please email

What families thought of the company's previous 'show in a box' Sylvia:

"It is a really lovely programme, it helped us reconnect with each other and listen to each other and work together towards a common goal. I think it also helped us adults to slow down a bit and for the children to experience the value in helping others - it works to make everyone feel happier, not just the person who receives!”

“It was a fun, interactive, quirky and thought provoking way of engaging with the arts remotely during Covid.”

“I signed up because I like to try and weave a bit of magic into my daughter’s world. She was fully engaged from the start and the experience was both exciting and thought provoking. It was a learning experience for me too allowing me a glimpse into  her understanding of important concepts.”

What’s Coming out of the Box creates participatory work to stretch families’ imaginations to create a better world together.

Based in Thanet, the company brings innovative, multi-sensory and participatory work to audiences with a signature DIY aesthetic running through all that they do. They encourage children’s drive to question the world around them and support parents to nurture their children's imagination and curiosity.​ 

Since lockdown they have developed two COVID responsive works: The Quest, a participatory audio play, and Sylvia, a postal interactive experience for families at home.

The Seashell Stew was created thanks to the generous support of the Loveday Family Grassroots Endowed Fund and the Albert Burns Children’s Trust, both administered by Kent Community Foundation. The company would also like to thank Touchstones Rochdale, The Met, The Boo and artsdepot for their support.

Booking Info

Designed for children aged 5 - 10 and their families

Pay What You Decide: £9.90, £14.90 or £19.90 (you'll receive the same box whatever you decide to pay)

To purchase this 'show in a box' click on the //BOOK link below. Your box will be sent out by 1st class post on Tue 26 Jan.