A small child sits on a paint covered sheet. She is also covered in paint. She shows her hands to the viewer.
Fri 4 Sep - Fri 25 Sep

artsdepot Creative Explorers Online: Me!

Join artsdepot and FEEL Theatre for artsdepot Creative Explorers Online.

These recorded 30-minute sessions have been created especially for artsdepot. They're led by Natalya, an experienced practitioner and are full of creative, sensory and messy play to help your little one explore the world and learn through play. 

For this session, the theme is Me!

Share your creations on social media using the hashtag #CreativeExplorers. 

Location: wherever you like! (watch online)

Supported by John Lyon's Charity

For this session our theme is Me! Here are the materials you'll need: 

  • Pictures of faces and other random items cut out from magazines
  • Paper plates
  • A glue brush
  • A mirror that you don't mind getting messy. This can be any size - a hand held mirror or a larger one to prop against the wall
  • Child-safe paint
  • Paint brushes and a paint pallette or plate
  • A roll of brown paper
  • Pens and pencils
  • Craft materials - ie pom poms, glitter, sequins

You'll also need some child-safe glue. We'll make some during the session, for which you'll need:

  • A bowl, wooden spoon, plain flour, water, salt 
  • A jar to store leftover glue (it can last up to 2 weeks in the fridge)

Things could get a little messy! We'd recommend preparing an area with towels / cloths, and wearing things that you don't mind getting grubby. 

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Ages 10 months - 3 years

Available to watch Fri 4 - Fri 25 Sep.

Watch the session in the Video tab on this page.

This session is offered free, but if you enjoy it please consider making a donation by clicking here. We are very grateful for your support.