Rodrigo B Camacho Problem: a man with boxing gloves punches a battered orange punching bag
Sun 26 May - Sat 1 Jun


Rodrigo B. Camacho

When someone says that they have a problem, you imagine perhaps that they are stuck with a complicated situation, that something is tricky, sticky, or even 'funny'. We feel as though life stops before a problem, as things get entangled and cease to work. It is a blockage, a barrier, an insurmountable impossibility!

However, the idea of a problem is actually based on an action and, in fact, a quite physical one. The Greek verb probállō is composed by pro (forwards) and bállō (to throw). So, in Problem, Rodrigo B. Camacho challenges you to rescue the proactive nature of what problems should be. Throw some punches at your own problems!

In this audiovisual installation, name any problem you may have. While you are being handed a pair of gloves, your problem materialises on a huge wall projection, and there it will lie, patiently waiting for anything you wish to do to it. Get ready for your five minutes chance you're given with the punch bag, to actively address your problem.

Problem is a call to action, and a reminder, for we often forget we have a body; one that is simultaneously physical, biological, animal, social, cultural, political… Rodrigo B. Camacho sees this work as a poetic exploration of the physical-intellectual dichotomy and attempts to reconcile our multidimensional selves. From the smallest to the biggest, from the simplest to the most complex, abstract or unfathomable, every problem is welcome to be thrown forwards, towards a sense of unity.

Venue: Apthorp Gallery

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