White ping pong balls with words written on them.
Sun 24 May - Sat 30 May

Poetry Pad

An interactive poetry installation, conceived and curated by Helen Eastman and Anna Bruder, and inspired by a poem by NJ Hynes.

Times are tough, and perhaps it’s time to turn to three thousand years of poetry for some advice, humour, solace and wisdom.

In this installation, surround yourself with poems writ large on the walls, take time to listen to some poetry vinyl, self-medicate from the poetry prescriptions and pop some poetry pills to make it all a little better. If it still feels too much, bathe in the complete works of Emily Dickinson, or hop onto a bike and power some poetry palliatives…

You can pop in to browse, hang out, be inspired, nurse a hangover or write back to the poems in the installation… Come and explore.


Venue: Gallery

Booking Info


No booking required. Open 10am - 4pm.

  • Sun 24 May 202010.00am
  • Mon 25 May 202010.00am
  • Tue 26 May 202010.00am
  • Wed 27 May 202010.00am
  • Thu 28 May 202010.00am
  • Fri 29 May 202010.00am
  • Sat 30 May 202010.00am

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