an installation in a wide gallery space. Sat on a wooden pedestal, an inflated blue sphere is attached to a ring of green bottles.
Sun 7 Apr - Thu 18 Apr

Let's Dance

An unidentified craft has been spotted in deep space.

Symbols beaming from it seem to indicate that it has a family on board and that it is lost.

Scientists believe that the ship is powered by sound waves using technology as yet undiscovered on Earth. It is possible that its inhabitants are composed purely of sound. As yet we are unable to decipher the language of the inhabitants, which is composed solely of strange notes and pulses, so a communication device is being built which it is hoped will enable us to understand each other.

Calculating from its trajectory, the craft will touch down in Finchley. A conference room is being prepared at artsdepot where international delegations will gather to start the reception process.

You are invited to be present and take part in this welcoming event.

Venue: Apthorp Gallery

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