Sun 21 Oct - Sat 27 Oct


Water is one of the most important elements on our planet: without it we and nature can’t exist. Its various forms depending on its temperature - ice, liquid and steam – make it all the more fascinating. Water can be static, calm, flowing, turbulent, falling, spraying, splashing …

Since her student days, the sea has been an inspiration to Andrea Shearing. H2O engulfs not only the sea, but also waterfalls and pools. The solidity and enduring quality of rocks contrast with the interaction of the mercurial nature of water. Deeper emotions bubble up from irregular shaped paintings capturing the movement of water.

Venue: Apthorp Gallery

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No booking required. Gallery open 10am – 4pm daily.

  • Sun 21 Oct 201810.00am
  • Mon 22 Oct 201810.00am
  • Tue 23 Oct 201810.00am
  • Wed 24 Oct 201810.00am
  • Thu 25 Oct 201810.00am
  • Fri 26 Oct 201810.00am
  • Sat 27 Oct 201810.00am