A street lit by street lamps and crowded with firefighters. Two medics kneel over an injured motorist.
Thu 14 Nov

Safe Drive Stay Alive

This event explores the circumstances that can lead to a road traffic collision and the consequences that follow in a hard-hitting and emotive way. DJ Ted hosts an evening of live, powerful and personal testimonies intertwined with Out of Body – a film depicting a social night out gone wrong. The speakers recount their heartfelt stories of how their lives have been affected.

Safe Drive, Stay Alive is aimed at young people (and their family and friends) who may be new drivers, about to learn to drive or passengers in cars driven by their peers.

Venue: Pentland Theatre

"What a powerful presentation. And what a powerful effect on the audience! I have nothing but praise for the individuals who described their experience of RTA’s. You cannot possibly come away without being deeply affected."

"The presentation resonated greatly with me as a moving, informative and greatly impactful experience listening to first-hand accounts of the true consequences of dangerous driving. The presentation had an extremely strong impact with myself and the other students around me; I have to give gratitude to all the speakers present who were able to share their own personal experiences of road traffic accidents, the intensity of the memories relived in this presentation greatly affected me and I can only imagine how the speakers themselves felt relaying this to us. Personally, I know that this event has truly altered the way I perceive driving."

"The realisation from the real-life accounts, raises the message that this could happen to anyone. This is a fantastic programme. The message is very powerful and so valuable to all those whom attend."

"I was instantly touched and overwhelmed by some of the things that followed as I was learning to drive at the time - it really impacted me. It’s fair to say that it’s had a profound effect on me, particularly in the way I drive."

"All staff and students were fully engaged with the presentation and found the different outcounts very moving. This is the third year we have attended and not once have I heard a student, or staff member, question the strength of the message the presentation delivers."

Running Time: 1 hour 30 min (no interval)

This performance contains flashing images. This performance contains references to road collisions, serious injuries and death.

SDSA has been running for 6 years in Barnet in partnership with London Local Authorities, London Ambulance NHS Trust, London Fire Brigade, the Metropolitan Police and Transport for London. 

For more information please email road.safety@barnet.gov.uk

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Age Guidance: 17+

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