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Wed 11 Nov

Out of the Box: Masculinity & Wellbeing

Voicebox presents Out of the Box: Masculinity & Wellbeing. This bitesize digital session offers an insight into Voicebox’s work and how drama and the arts can be used as a tool to explore sensitive topics.

The Voicebox Mission: to redefine masculinity to create a healthier society. There is extreme pressure on boys to be 'manly' and to prove their masculinity to others (and themselves). In an attempt to meet these expectations, many boys are: sabotaging their education, ruining relationships, being violent and abusive towards others, and developing issues with their wellbeing. By exploring the question 'what does it mean to be a man?', along with a range of associated themes, Voicebox aims to facilitate the learning of a healthier version of masculinity that benefits everyone.

Voicebox’s Out of the Box: Masculinity & Wellbeing session will include:

  • A presentation about how Voicebox uses drama to explore masculinity and wellbeing with young people.
  • Providing teachers and facilitators with tried and tested drama exercises, to try out in the classroom. 
  • A Q&A opportunity.   

Voicebox is ready to change the way our society understands masculinity and wellbeing. With your support we can change the culture of masculinity to benefit everyone within society. Want to join? Come and get involved in the conversation.

After this session, Anesta Edge, CEO of Rephael House will be talking about the services that they offer for young people in the borough and referrals. Please feel free to stick around and ask Anesta any questions you may have

Venue: Wherever you like! (Online)

Part of the BCEP Online Festival. 

This session lasts 1 hour. Participants will be invited to join the session to start at 3.30pm.

You will be sent the Zoom link for this event, via email, at least 4 hours before the event.

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Jack Tricker (He/Him)

Jack is Voicebox’s Projects & Outreach Director where he specialises in company outreach & engagement with schools, institutions and the wider community. He also works as a freelance drama facilitator & theatre maker, working with companies including: Kiln Theatre, Hoxton Hall & Reprezent FM Radio.

Andy Hill (He/Him)

Andy is Voicebox’s Managing Director. Previous arts practitioner experience includes working with: Hoxton Hall, Boomtown & Total Insight Theatre.

Andy specialises in designing PSHE workshops. His portfolio includes workshops in: Building Confidence, Mental Health & Positive Thinking, Healthy Relationships, Promoting Cultural Awareness, Exploring Identity & Sex Education.

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You’ll receive the Zoom link for this session at least 4 hours in advance, via email.

Please contact with any access requirements. 

Part of BCEP Online Festival. This session is available to book by BCEP members, find out how to join in the 'How to Take Part' tab.

If you are not eligible to join the BCEP it may still be possible to attend, find out more in the 'How to Take Part' tab. 

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