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Tue 10 Nov

Creating Partnerships to Benefit SEN Students

An online workshop for anyone who will be working with SEN students in the arts.

The workshop will cover:

  • Thinking about how to most effectively work with staff in schools/organisations to prepare for the sessions.
  • How to cater to the needs of all students during a session.
  • To consider how we can manage expectations and be flexible with outcomes to get the best out of each session.
  • What to do when a session is not going to plan.
  • Remembering to value student’s work for what it is.

With an honest Q&A in the session to try to answer any questions and discuss any difficulties that groups are having.

Venue: Wherever you like! (Online)

Part of the BCEP Online Festival.

This session lasts 1 hour. Participants will be invited to join to start the session at 3.30pm. 

You will be sent the Zoom link for this event, via email, at least 4 hours before the event.

Please note that workshops and sessions that are part of BCEP Online Festival are available to book by Barnet Cultural Education Partnership (BCEP) members. Membership is free and open to individuals who work in a cultural or educational context and live or work in Barnet, and cultural / eductional organisations in Barnet. Sign up here

If you would like to attend this session but are not eligible to be a BCEP member (you don't work in a cultural or educational context and live or work in Barnet), please contact Francesca via francesca.cross@artsdepot.co.uk as it may be possible for you to attend. 

Please contact participation@artsdepot.co.uk with any access requirements. 


The workshop will be run by Tamara Stewart from Mapledown School. Tamara has been a PMLD teacher at Mapledown School for 6 years. She is currently PMLD team leader and keen to educate and discuss how we can make the arts provisions even more inclusive.

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You’ll receive the Zoom link for this session at least 4 hours in advance, via email.

Please contact participation@artsdepot.co.uk with any access requirements. 

Part of BCEP Online Festival. This workshop is available to book by BCEP members, find out how to join in the 'How to Take Part' tab.

If you are not eligible to join the BCEP it may still be possible to attend, find out more in the 'How to Take Part' tab. 

  • Tue 10 Nov 20203.30pmBook

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