an illustration of a girl in sailing gear, holding a rope, looking over her shoulder towards blue curling waves

Carbon Theatre

Residency Dates: Tue 27 Nov - Fri 7 Dec 2018

Carbon Theatre was a new company specialising in producing complex and divergent, free-form theatre. Founded and run by creative producer Courtenay Johnson, Carbon is passionate about working with emerging artists to develop their practice and explore ambitions for sharing their work. Carbon produces female-led theatre that focuses on politics and/or sciences with a humanist core.

Carbon was delighted to be able to develop a multi-sensory performance for young audiences, inspired by women sailing around the world including Dame Ellen McArthur, Dame Naomi James and Laura Dekker and Jeanne Socrates.

During the residency, the company explored multisensory ways in which to communicate those inspiring journeys around the world - from the salty sea mist to the tempting taste of pancakes! Using crafts, maps, images and audience interactions they were aiming to create an interactive and exciting piece of theatre.

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