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We Keep Coming Back

Real-life son and mother – Michael Rubenfeld and Mary Berchard, both descendants of Polish-Jewish Holocaust survivors – together attempt to capture the truth of a Polish-Jewish reality that keeps changing and is near impossible to contain.

Mary’s health started to fail, and so in a desire to grow close to his mother, Michael proposed that they go to Poland together to find their family’s roots. When in Poland, and accompanied by their guide, Katka Reszke, they discover that there is a new generation of unexpected Jews living there, and a far more complex version of contemporary Poland than they had considered.

We Keep Coming Back is a complex, soul-baring, and often very humorous performance that takes audiences deep into the genuine traumas of the post-war generations using documentary storytelling, archival video and projection design.

Presented by Selfconscious Productions

Venue: Studio Theatre

"A spectacle that engages the senses and sharpens the imagination. It unites people of different nationalities and denominations. Teaches you to travel inward, because it helps to understand others and build bridges between people." Chochlik Kulturalny

"It felt like being in a friend’s living room as Rubenfeld describes a trip. ... Throughout the play, there are questions of what really happened. Is the town they visit really the town Mary’s father is from? Were Katka’s great grandparent’s really Jewish? Is what is shown on stage the real relationship between Michael and Mary? We Keep Coming Back makes the argument that maybe the exact truth isn’t important. What matters is asking the questions." Mooney on Theatre (read the full review)

Running Time: 1 hr 20 mins (no interval)

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Created by Michael Rubenfeld and Sarah Garton Stanley with Mary Berchard and Katka Reszke

Directed by Sarah Garton Stanley
Performed by Mary Berchard, Katka Reszke and Michael Rubenfeld
Production Design by Trevor Schwellnus
Sound Design by Lyon Smith with Nick Di Gaetano
Production Stage Management by Adam Barrett
Documentary Video Work by Katka Reszke

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Age Guidance: 12+

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