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The Arts & Crafts Winter Showcase is now open!

Published: Tue 16 Nov 2021

Our Winter Showcase is an opportunity for designers, makers, artists and craftspeople who are local to Barnet to showcase their work. From jewellery and accessories to textiles, ceramics and visual art, our Arts & Crafts Showcase displays the artistry and diversity of skills in our community. 

The selected works will be on display and on sale within our foyer areas from Mon 15 Nov - Thu 27 Jan.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the work displayed as part of the showcase please talk to our Box Office team.

About the Artists:

Helen Leake
Helen Leake is a self-taught artist and crafts person, working in a variety of mediums. Originally from Yorkshire, a lot of the artist's inspiration is still drawn from nature, and our personal relationship to it. The artist's free time is often spent walking in local woods looking for inspiration, and when possible, escaping to the sea. Although Helen paints outdoor views they are not traditional landscapes: "I like to represent how that environment makes me feel and how we fit within it."

Tanya Bailey
Tanya was born in Hampstead and grew up here in North Finchley. Before becoming a painter she taught yoga and held a baby yoga class at Arts Depot when it first opened. Her paintings focus on either family memories or the magical realism of figurative landscapes. Her painting of Friary Park is from memories of her childhood with a toboggan and her love of winter landscapes. She keeps her skills fresh with custom made paintings and studying at The Essential School of painting in Wood Green.

Angela Filby
Angela Filby originally studied constructed textiles at The Central School but the artist found their way to clay and other media. 'My work has a whimsical theme to it mostly based on folklore and traditional tales. I explore mixing different media and found items giving them a new life and love.'
Instagram: @AngelaFilby

Tom Cullen
Tom Cullen was born in Dublin, Ireland and has lived in the UK since 1988. The artist was previously awarded a Diploma in Visualising at the College of Professional Studies, Rathmines in 1980. In the UK The artist has studied Fine Art Painting at Hampstead, Slade and St. Ives Schools of Art, completing courses in the history of Modern Art at the Open University, Tate & City Lit and the MOMA New York. Tom Cullen has exhibited regularly at various shows including, more recently at the GATHER, Celebrating Sanctuary and Affordable Art at the W3 Gallery, Acton, London W3 9DJ.

Sophie L-K
Sophie is a textile artist who creates scenes of north London and beyond using recycled fabric scraps. She uses sewing machine embroidery and a range of colourful threads to attach the fabrics, and add depth and definition. She loves the challenge of using these found textures and colours to sew recognisable scenes and capture something special of the – often quite ordinary – views. To view more of Sophie's work or for purchases or commissions see Instagram:@sewthescene and

Sarah Levin
Sarah Levin works in fluid acrylics and she enjoys creating and expanding her Multiflorous series of vibrant fantasy gardens and flowerscapes. Using pearlescent and interference paints to give her work depth and interest Sarah is fascinated by their ability to change the character of a piece under different lighting effects. In order to see the full effects of the paints her works are not varnished. Sarah works from her home in Brent and is also a keen gardener.
Instagram: @SarahLevinArt

Judy Century
Judy creates vibrant, contemporary paintings inspired by the natural world. She enjoys capturing the essence of flowers or landscapes, stylising them, and making them her own with expressive marks and patterns. Judy plays with bold backgrounds and opposing colours to add an extra, unusual dimension to contrast with the delicate nature of her subject matters. The results are energetic, colourful, statement pieces which celebrate nature whilst also creating something decorative to liven up interior spaces.
Instagram: @judycenturyart

Jack Gavin
Jack Gavin is a North Finchley based artist, mainly working in portraiture and figurative work, although he is trying to paint more landscapes of local scenes.
Instagram: @jackgavin_art

Chris Ferrary
Chris Ferrary is an artist specialising in impressionist landscapes, who trained at the Norfolk Painting School. He reconnected with painting after a career working as an environmental consultant, which influences the style and content of his art. He also paints colourist portraits, and is available for commissions.

On A Sixpence
On A Sixpence designs neatly-structured gilcee prints to depict sports, movies, music and literature. The artist categorises and arranges key metrics relating to each subject and then uses an appropriate colour palette to reflect the history of the topic. The Tour de France poster, for example, shows every winner of the Tour with distance covered and average speed, and uses colours based on a beautiful 1925 Parisian poster from bicycle manufacturer, Meteore.
Twitter: @onasixpence

DAWN started their art journey from a young age, enjoying being creative in artvworks and developing talent to master various art forms. The artist has done a series of art exhibitions, which have attracted a lot of audience appreciation. Art is DAWN's passion and joy.
Instagram: @dawn_chan_123

Eugenia Alekseyev
Eugenia is an oil painter and art tutor living and working in Finchley, North London. Her subject matter varies from landscape scenery to intimate still lifes. Her works are inspired by the movements of light and the emotions stemming from the scenery. Using an impressionistic style, she prefers working directly from life to try to capture the moment and the immediate response to the scenery. “Smells, wind, rain, sounds - they all affect me when I pick colours and place them on the canvas - it’s mostly subconscious.” In her still lifes you can read a story unfolding through simple objects. She is also passionate about painting florals which she calls a "celebration of life".
Instagram: @eugeniaalekseyev

Anupa Shah
Anupa Shah is a self-taught artist, who actively started painting for a year, following themes by connecting to nature and spirituality. The artist expresses themself via abstract or contemporary art and mixed media.
‘I am profoundly deaf, but I find I can 'hear' art. I had my cochlear implant a year ago and was made redundant too. The Covid pandemic affected communication for deaf /hearing impaired people as the use of masks was making 'lip reading' impossible.
Art was my salvation. I have now decided to make my mission to contribute some of my sales to charities'.  please contact: Email:

Tony Chung
Tony Chung studied Graphic Design. He is an artist and Book Designer. His paintings range from urban cityscapes, seascapes to portraits working mainly in watercolour. He has had group exhibitions in Manchester and London. In recent years he has produced many paintings of his travels abroad, capturing the cultural diversity and of course, the changing beauty of light. Portrait and other commissions are welcome, please contact: Email:

Jackie Jones
Jackie Jones is retired and lives in Whetstone, returned to art approximately 10 years ago, the artist has e been painting with oils since then. 'I have painted landscapes, seascapes and portraits as well as some unusual cityscapes. However, I discovered paint pouring during the first COVID lockdown and this is now a passion. I love the fluidity of the paint and the way that it can be manipulated so that each painting is mesmerising and totally unique.'

Wild Fox
The name Wild Fox comes from the values of creativity, commitment, proactivity, and fearlessness. They merge Photography, Design, Art directing, and Activism to reflect on today’s world. Like the animal, they are curious, questioning norms, and willing to break the cliché; representing what hasn't been seen.
Instagram: @wild.f.o.x

Rebekah Guo
Textile and Fashion Designer artist Rebekah Guo focuses on sustainable and socially responsible design. She explores the impacts of the fashion industry on the environment and uses methods such as up-cycling and material science to create new biodegradable materials. In response to the pandemic and changing market, Rebekah took it upon herself to launch her own sustainable fashion accessory brand REBEKAH GUO. Rebekah also developed her skills in oil painting, textiles crafts, oil pastel painting, watercolour. She pays close attention to mental health in relation to her art, focuses her designs with a deeper understanding of the therapeutic aspect of art.
Instagram: @Kah_gkah

Tina D'ella
Tina D’ella is a Peruvian craft artist, she grew up by the sea in the capital city, Lima surrounded by famous historical buildings and museums. She was always fascinated to visit each one and admire the painting techniques of Art . Her interest in Art and Craft cultivated during her childhood and further developed during her teenage years, inspiring her to take it on as a profession, choosing to study Fine Art and Media. She moved to London in 2005. She is very concerned about the environment and global warming so uses recycled plastic to make her unique jewellery.
Facebook: Tina Delgado
Instagram: @sparkle.artista

On ki Choi
On Ki is a local Finchley artist who creates illustrations and polymer clay earrings. On Ki grew up in Hong Kong and combines classical Asian design principles with trendy, modern, and colourful designs. Most importantly, her art brings a smile to her audience.​
Instagram: @onki.choi

Zoe White
Zoe is a London based designer and maker creating fabulously quirky inclusive jewellery. These pieces have meaning beyond their visual, engaging the wearer and the viewer. Each piece has been carefully created while considering the material, the environment and the wearer. This jewellery along with her workshops are fun and inclusive (suitable for all, no one is excluded). Everyone deserves to feel fabulous.

Jenny Indigo Glass
Jenny Indigo has been creating stained glass in the Barnet area for over 30 years, she originally started by doing a course at the Old Bull Arts centre in High Barnet and after many courses set up a workshop in her garage. She has now moved indoors so can work more easily in all weathers! She has made these pieces using the Tiffany stained glass method and is inspired by nature and spirituality. Jenny says ‘I love colour and it gives me tremendous pleasure to see the light coming through my creations’.
Instagram: @jenny_indigo_glass