Archita Kumar

Archita Kumar prepares for her residency

| Mon 5 Mar 2018

Ahead of her residency (Mon 12 - Fri 23 Mar), we caught up with Archita to learn more about her plans for her time in the Creation Space.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m of Indian descent and got introduced to the world of performing arts by my mother who also used to be a dancer. Growing up, I took lessons in piano, sitar, Indian vocal, and in the dance styles of kathak and odissi. This really helped me to see the connections between the different art forms and helped me to form an appreciation for them. I studied Biomedical Sciences at UCL, after which I worked in the music industry. During that time I also toured with Kasabian as a backing vocalist… so it’s been a rather interesting journey! I now work as an independent dance artist and composer.

How would you describe the work that you create?

My dance work is rooted in Kathak, and my music is rooted in the Indian classical tradition, with influences from other musical genres. The connection between music and dance is very strong for me, which is something I’m starting to explore more now. Rhythmic complexity fascinates me.

What will you be working on during your residency at artsdepot?

I will be creating a solo dance work. I am interested in seeing to what extent a dancer can contribute to the creation of a live score, to which the dance is then performed. The work will be based on themes around Karna, a central character from the ancient Indian epic Mahabharata.    

What elements of the project will you be developing while you’re here?

I will be developing ideas for the movement vocabulary and score. I will be trying to see what methods can be used to create a live score and in what ways the dancer’s body can be used as an instrument. 

What’s the most useful thing to have with you in the rehearsal space?

Water! And a video recorder…you just never know when you suddenly have a moment of madness (or genius…?!).

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